Casella Measurement is a provider of high quality instruments for the industrial and environmental markets around the world.

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Casella CEL 360 Dose Meter

Picture of Casella CEL 360 Dose Meter
The CEL 360 dose meter covers three measurement ranges from 30–140 dB to ANSI type 2 specifications.


Casella CEL 480 SLM

Picture of Casella CEL 480 SLM
Type 1 Sound Level Meter suitable for a broad range of applications


Casella CEL 490 SLM

Picture of Casella CEL 490 SLM
The Casella CEL-490 is the perfect solution for environmental noise applications


Casella CEL 621C

Picture of Casella CEL 621C
The CEL-621 is intended for the occupational user. Statictical parameters (Ln%) are now included in order to perform environmental noise assessments.


Casella Microdust Pro

Picture of Casella Microdust Pro
The Microdust Pro from Casella is a portable, real time monitor for assessing the concentration of suspended particulate matter.


Casella Microtherm WBGT Heat Stress Monitor

Picture of Casella Microtherm WBGT Heat Stress Monitor
Workers exposed to hot working environments can be susceptible to heat stress, when the core body temperature rises to dangerous or hazardous levels. This can result in physiological symptoms like heat cramps, nausea, palpitations, stroke and possibly death.

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